Consultant provides educational supports for student and families

“Black Lives Matter” is resonating in our nation and is bringing awareness to the changes needed to address many systemic barriers. For Keary Wayne Saffold, it is music to his ears. For the last 13 years he has dedicated his life to ensuring that every child hears that they matter.

As the son of Minister Stephanie Saffold and the late Kenneth Wayne Saffold, an attorney, the imperative for social equity resounded throughout Keary’s life. As an alumni of St. Paul Central High School and Metro State University, Saffold knows first-hand the challenges urban youth face as they work to graduate high school and begin the journey to college and into adult responsibilities.

According to Saffold, “I’ve had my fair share of systematic barriers to navigate, to the point [that] I almost became a statistic.” Today, he spends his time working and volunteering in organizations and schools to promote the systemic change that is required to close the gaps between students of color and their White peers.

“When you see a gap, you learn to stand in it immediately, without hesitation. You maintain this until the bridge is built or fortified,” Saffold says. “This building and fortification process comes through authentic relationships and organic solutions.”

Saffold is compassionate and especially concerned about the future of African American males, “so much so, that I started my own consulting firm in 2006, Saffold Consulting Inc.” Through it he provides support services to parents, schools and other programs to shift or enhance the academic trajectory of students and families.

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